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Updates from Maputo
By WAZA Team | March 2019 

In Maputo, local partners from WAZA have been collaborating with UN-Habitat Mozambique and Co-Investigator Prof Matos from University Eduardo Mondlane to establish a local database relevant to T-SUM.

They have made good progress and have been able to identify existing gaps in data. This database is stored and shared internally through OneDrive. It draws on a T-SUM questionnaire which was established in the context of WP2 covering the following topics:  Administrative structure; Demography; Transport & Land-use institutions; Transport Demand and Modal share; Economy and Development; Local transport and urban planning; Additional data (environmental, road safety, active travel, collective transport, etc.).


For each of these categories the T-SUM project aims to understand past, current and future patterns. The team plans to establish an open online platform to store non-confidential data related to the T-SUM project.

The WAZA and Eduardo Mondlane team will be collaborating closely with the newly established Metropolitan Agency for Transport, directed by Professor Matos, and with Maputo and Matola’s local authority.

Above: WAZA Team, Maputo