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Past Events 2020

T-SUM End of year Internal Meeting (online)

December 2020

To conclude the year the T-SUM teams from Maputo, London and Freetown met virtually to reflect on the progress achieved over the year and agree on priorities for the final year of T-SUM. A highlight was the discussion on the city profiles of both Maputo and Freetown, which demonstrated the many commonalities and differences between the two cities. 


Freetown Steering Committee Meetings 

August & November  2020 

In August 2020, T-SUM coordinated another steering committee meeting in Freetown, involving key decision makers, to discuss the preliminary outputs from the March workshop and also agree on the next steps for the dissemination of the T-SUM outputs and the political legacy of the project.

In November 2020 T-SUM held Freetown's 6th Steering Committee Meeting, where we took stock on how the findings from T-SUM have been applied to transport planning in Freetown. We also discussed next steps to cement the political commitment from steering committee members to use the T-SUM findings to guide transport policy in Freetown. 


Further detail is available in the WP3 report.


Webinar Series: Researching Transport Inequalities in Global South Cities

June 2020

As part of International Network for Transport and Accessibility in Low Income Communities (INTALInC), webinar series, Dr. Daniel Oviedo presented on ‘Accessibility and social equity in Africa: from research to policy and practice” where he presented T-SUM's accessibility framework applied to the case studies including,  the findings to date in Freetown from the focus group discussion and key informant interviews related to accessibility.

The presentation is available here  

Dr. Clemence Cavoli presented the T-SUM project and focused on the approach and methodology, in particular the participatory governance processes that took place in Freetown as summarised in the WP3 report. 

The presentation is available here

Workshop 3: Practical implementation issues, Freetown

March 2020 

T-SUM Workshop 3 took place in Freetown in March 2020. It aimed to discuss practical implementation issues in the capital. As a vision and desired trajectories were identified (during workshops 1 & 2), this workshop 3 identified new policy instruments, and what implementation issues could prevent Freetown from achieving this vision. The outputs from the activity were a second version of the Strategic Vision and a Mobility Action Plan.


Shared Mobility Experience – Mode Race in Freetown

March 2020 

Prior to the T-SUM workshop 3, key decision-makers were invited to take part in a Shared Mobility Mode Experience in Freetown. The participants took different transport modes such as walking, cycling, kekeh, Poda poda, bus, okada, Taxi, and Tap Tap, to get to the SLURC office. The aim of this initiative was to invite key stakeholders and decision makers to experience the different modes in order to have not only an evidence-based but also experience-based discussion on the future urban mobility trajectory of Freetown.


Interview Know Your City TV

February 2020 

Dr Clemence Cavoli was interviewed by Know Your City TV, to discuss how mobility, accessibility and land use issues are relevant in the rapidly expanding cities across Sub-Saharan Africa. The interview linked these themes with the presence of the growing number of informal settlements.


World Urban Forum,

Abu Dhabi

08 February 2020 

Dr. Cavoli was invited by GCRF and ESRC to represent T-SUM at the WUF10, a UN-Habitat event, and participate in a panel discussion. The panel discussed relevant technology, digital innovation and the exchange of knowledge between Global North and Global South cities. T-SUM shared some of its key results during the event.


T-SUM - teaching and
lecturing activities

January 2020 

T-SUM partners used the project’s findings for lectures at the Development Planning Unit (DPU), Centre for Transport Studies (CTS) and the Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy (STEaPP).

Based on the T-SUM project findings, students presented the results of their work, which was examined by STEaPP academics.


Annual Meeting Transportation Research Board

January 2020

Dr Daniel Oviedo presented - as a guest speaker - in the TRB’s developing countries’ public transport subcommittee, which was organized by the World Bank and CAF. He presented the T-SUM methodology for collecting informal transport data in Freetown and some of the accessibility and affordability models of the project. From this event, new avenues of potential collaboration with multilateral agencies as well as with colleagues from other universities have emerged. Hindolo Shiaka, Sierra Leone’s ministry of Transport, also drew on T-SUM findings for his presentation at Transforming Transportation, an event organised by the World Bank.


Strategic Research Meeting presided by Professor Christoph Lindner, Dean of The Bartlett

January 2020 

Dr Daniel Oviedo presented key findings from
T-SUM, as part of a departmental Strategic Research Meeting presided over by Professor Christoph Lindner, Dean of The Bartlett. The meeting was held with other DPU academics, as part of the Research Workshop, with T-SUM as one of the impact research projects. The presentation covered the main results to date of T-SUM and was identified as a strategic area of sustainable mobility research, both for the DPU and in the Faculty.

French Development Agency (AFD) meeting, Paris

January 2020 

Dr. Cavoli travelled to Paris, for a meeting organised by the French Development Agency (AFD). The meeting aimed to sharing some of the key findings of the project, with its outcome focussing on current and future collaboration.

UCL MSc Students' Involvement

Throughout 2020

T-SUM concepts and findings are being used to inform the MSC in Urban Development Planning at the Bartlett Development Planning Unit.

Three students have focussed on various topics within T-SUM, in the context of their dissertation projects:  

Dense, diverse and sustainable: exploring future pathways for the adoption of Transit-Oriented Development in Maputo - Juan Corona Barrera from MSc Building and Urban Design

Reframing Accessibility is the Key to achieve sustainable urban mobility in the global south: freetown, Sierra Leone Case Study - Almos Tivadar Papp from MSc Urban Economic Development 

Environmental justice and sustainable transportation for low income groups the case of maputo, Mozambique - Fabia Mendes from MSc in Environmental and Sustainable Development 

Students have also been learning about T-SUM's findings in the context of UCL's and Imperial College's Transport MSc. The transport policy module led by Dr. Cavoli, set up a collaboration with Freetown City Council (FCC). Students were asked to undertake mini studies to inform the FCC’s policies, in particular regarding Climate Change and Transport, the establishment of a cable car and the electrification of collective transport. In the context of this collaboration, they had a unique opportunity to meet with Freetown’s Mayor Aki-Sawyerr and City Council representatives Modupe Williams, Mariama Whitmore and Victoria Gonsior.

Upcoming Events 

T-SUM workshops in Maputo

2021 (TBC)

T-SUM is collaborating with the French Development Agency (AFD), UN-Habitat and Eduardo Mondlane University to organise participatory workshops in Maputo. The workshops aim to discuss and agree possible urban trajectories & transitions in Freetown to achieve sustainability principles and goals. It will inform Maputo’s upcoming SUMP. 

Dissemination event in Freetown 

February 2021

This event will highlight the progress and outputs of T-SUM in Freetown over the last two years. More details will be published on both the T-SUM and SLURC website. 

TRB/Transforming Transportation 2021

January 2021

Transforming Transportation is the annual conference co-hosted by the World Bank and WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. The theme for Transforming Transportation 2021 will be “Connecting People for Sustainable Growth." T-SUM is collaborating with the World Bank and will look for opportunities to participate in this event, which is due to take place in Washington.

More coming soon 

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