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Conceptual framework & empirical evidence 


Mobility, accessibility and land-use assessment issues in Maputo & Freetown 

Vision pathways & implementation strategies 

Legacy &


Work Package 1
Conceptual framework & empirical evidence 


  • To develop a novel conceptual framework & evidence base for the analysis of trajectories of transport policy development in a range of cities 

  • Compile positive & negative urban mobility practices from examples of relevant cities across the Global South & the Global North

Work Package 3
Vision pathways & implementation strategies 


  • Initiate innovative participative policy-making, planning and governance processes to transition towards sustainable urban mobility in Maputo & Freetown 

  • Establish of a Mobility Action Plan and a prioritization report

Work Package 2
Mobility, accessibility & land-use assessment issues in Maputo & Freetown 


  • To assess the base conditions in Maputo & Freetown

  • To conduct a critical examination of urban mobility, urban structure and land-use developments and related socio-economic, cultural and environmental issues

  • To assess through spatial and historical quantitative and qualitative analysis past and contemporary transport and urban policy, planning and governance, funding, legislation, and the way they have impacted both cities

Work Package 4
Legacy & Impact 


  • To assess the project processes and outcomes,

  • build legacy in the case study cities

  • and explore the extent to which the methods and learning can be applied to other cities across sub-Saharan Africa, drawing on the typology analysis produced in WP.

WPs 3 4
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