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Clemence Cavoli
Co-Investigator and Project Manager, UCL 

Clemence Cavoli, is an Assistant Professor at the Centre for Transport Studies, part of the Civil, Environmental, Geomatic Engineering Department of UCL. She researches and teaches environmental and transport policy-making and planning, in particular at the urban level. Her work is highly interdisciplinary and aims to transform governance processes across levels (supranational, national and sub-national) and sectors. She is a political scientist and historian by background, expert in multi-level governance linked to sustainable development and innovative policy-making and planning. She specializes in environmental and transport policies and in developing transformative governance for cities, in particular linked with urban mobility. Her research and teaching work has a strong interdisciplinary component and a focus on policy impact. She is based at the Civil, Environmental and Geomatic engineering department, UCL and is involved in various cross-departmental collaborations.

She advises supranational, national and local policy-makers and has done extensive work investigating how to ‘translate’ scientific evidence into policy-making. Clemence spent a year seconded to the Science and Research Unit at the Department for Transport and was responsible for bringing scientific evidence into policy-making. Clemence regularly works as an independent expert and consultant for the European Commission on various FP7 and Horizon 2020 projects related to sustainable mobility. She was seconded to the EU Commission, DG MOVE, for six months working on sustainable urban mobility policies and low carbon transport solutions.

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